What is SALI?

The Standards Advancement for the Legal Industry (SALI) Alliance is an independent not-for-profit, member organization that is dedicated to "producing standards for the legal industry to accelerate innovation and improve efficiency [...] The SALI Alliance includes a wide range of stakeholders including law firms, companies, service providers and legal industry associations."

What is the SALI LMSS?

The SALI Legal Matter Specification Standard (LMSS) is a "a modern, common language that defines legal matters — a set of services for a specific legal need." Like most knowledge management standards, the LMSS is implemented using Semantic Web technologies like RDF and OWL. LMSS is designed around the following principles:

  • Viewer neutral — It is neutral to law firms and clients
  • Adaptable — It accommodates the way that a legal matter evolves from inception to completion and captures critical attributes
  • Extensible — It has a well-defined extension mechanism to meet the specific needs of each organization, while fitting into a common industry framework,
  • Digitally accessible — It has associated programming APIs designed to support the evolving industry needs for innovation, transparency, and free market pricing.

What can Kelvin do with LMSS?

Kelvin supports LMSS in two different ways. First, users can manage and integrate SALI OWL artifacts into other knowledge graphs through Kelvin Graph, allowing them to simplify mappings or re-use subsets of the LMSS ontology.

Second, Kelvin NLP and Kelvin Graph can be used to tag data like timekeeper narratives, matter descriptions, contracts, or other work product with LMSS entities. This allows users to easily satisfy external client requirements or enrich their own data for better search, filtering, and analytics.

For an example of how Kelvin can be used to tag arbitrary text with LMSS entities, please see the SALI LMSS Search demo.

Open Source Python Library

We have also released an open source Python library for working with SALI LMSS directly. This library can be used to load, query, and edit specific versions of the LMSS ontology. To learn more about this library, please visit its GitHub page at 273v/pthon-lmss.