Kelvin Billing

Kelvin Billing

Kelvin Billing is a library that makes it easy to ingest invoice, line item, and timekeeper data and perform common tasks like:

  • Parsing and validating LEDES files
  • Retrieving data from systems like Aderant (Expert)
  • Calculating common aggregates like totals and averages by timekeeper, client, matter, and task
  • Calculating common metrics like realization, utilization, and profitability
  • Automatically coding narratives with UTBMS phase and task codes
  • Automatically correcting spelling errors in narratives
  • Q&A and summarization with Kelvin NLP

API and Library Documentation

You can learn more about Kelvin Billing by reviewing the PyDoc documentation and OpenAPI schemas provided with the library. To access the PyDoc documentation, you can run the following command:

kelvin --docs kelvin.billing