Billing Analytics: Pre-Bill Compliance

The Cost of Billing

It's no secret that law firms only get paid for the work that they bill for. But what is less well known is that the cost and complexity of billing can be a significant drag on cash flow and profitability. As more and more clients implement outside counsel guidelines, the number of rules to review and the number of rejected or amended line items will only continue to increase.

How Kelvin Can Help

Thankfully, there are ways to reduce the cost and complexity of billing. Using the Kelvin Legal Data OS, law firms can automate a number of pre-bill compliance activities, including:

  • Phase and Task Coding: Automatically assign ABA/UTBMS or custom codes to line items and invoices
  • SALI LMSS Coding: Automatically assign SALI LMS codes to line items and invoices
  • Outside Counsel Guideline Database: Identify and extract rules from outside counsel guideline documents
  • Pre-Bill Compliance: Automatically review and correct pre-bills for compliance with internal firm standards and outside counsel guidelines
  • DEI Analytics: Support the collection and analysis of diversity, equity, and inclusion data
  • Post-Bill Dispute: Automatically review and respond to disputed line items

While each of these tasks might seem like a completely different product, they are all built on the same core Kelvin technologies, including:

  • Kelvin NLP: Classify, analyze, and generate line items or OCGs using NLP and LLMs
  • Kelvin Billing: Parse and analyze data from systems like Aderant or LEDES files
  • Kelvin OCR: Analyze and extract data from scanned invoices
  • Kelvin Graph: Store and query knowledge graphs like the ABA/UTBMS codes or SALI labels

Kelvin Managed Billing

Due to the complex and time-sensitive nature of billing, we are currently offering Kelvin Managed Billing as a service. This service includes not just access to the relevant Kelvin modules, but also guided up-front configuration and contractual SLAs around billing cycle deadlines. If you are interested in learning more about Kelvin Managed Billing, please email us for more information.