Kelvin Research

Many legal workflows come back to common data related to laws, regulations, decisions, dockets events, and filings. But this data is often scattered across a variety of sources, including private legal research systems, Federal agencies, and public court systems. Accessing this data, let alone structuring it, often takes a significant amount of time and effort, rendering many projects infeasible on tight timelines or budgets.

Kelvin Research is a data driver for the Kelvin Legal Data OS that provides a unified interface to many of the most common legal research systems and public data sources, allowing users to access APIs from their preferred legal information providers or directly query public systems like PACER or the Federal Register.


Status: Early Access Preview

Kelvin Research is currently available through an Early Access Release program. Current and future functionality is summarized in the table below:

US Federal Court Documents and ActivityPACER⚙️ In Progress
US Congressional Documents and ActivityTHOMAS⚙️ In Progress
US Public Company FilingsSEC EDGAR⚙️ In Progress
US Federal LawsGPO⚙️ In Progress
US Federal RegulationsGPO⚙️ In Progress
DocketAlarm📅️ Roadmap
Fastcase📅️ Roadmap
UniCourt📅️ Roadmap