Kelvin DMS

Document Management System Integration

Document management systems are a critical system for many legal organizations. From their humble origins in the world of filing cabinets and manila folders, document management systems have evolved into complex platforms that provide a wide range of capabilities, including document storage, version control, workflow, and document assembly.

Kelvin DMS is a data driver for the Kelvin Legal Data OS that provides a unified interface to these systems, allowing users to access content and files from any of these systems through a single set of abstracted components. Kelvin DMS extends on Kelvin Source to provide access to not just files and their metadata, but also the full range of document management system functionality, including:

  • Document Storage - Store and retrieve documents
  • Document Versioning - Access and manage document versions
  • Document Metadata - Inspect and modify document metadata
  • Document Workflow - Initiate and manage document workflows
  • Document Assembly - Generate documents from templates

Common Use Cases

Organizations often use Kelvin DMS to accelerate many common ad-hoc tasks in contracting, transactions, litigation, compliance, and data analytics, such as :

  • Knowledge Management - Create internal data products like deal databases or settlement databases
  • Training Sample Construction - Create training samples for machine learning or AI models
  • Deal Rooms - Sync deal rooms from external systems to DMS
  • Deduplication - Identify and remove duplicate files using fuzzy hashes, metadata, or other criteria
  • Identification - Identify unknown files using heuristics and machine learning models
  • Organization - Organize files into folders based on metadata, file type, or other criteria
  • Timelines - Create folder-based timelines of files based on metadata or other criteria


Status: Early Access Preview

Kelvin DMS is currently available through an Early Access Release program. Current and future functionality is summarized in the table below:

iManage⚙️ In Progress10.2+ (v2 API)
NetDocuments⚙️ In ProgressCloud
OpenText⚙️ In ProgressCloud