Kelvin Billing

Kelvin Billing

Time and billing data is the lifeblood of law firms and corporate legal departments. The ability to accurately track, manage, and bill time is critical to the financial health of these organizations. Without accurate time and billing data for their internal personnel and outside vendors, both law firms and legal departments struggle to keep their businesses running and stakeholders happy.

Kelvin Time and Billing is a data driver that allows users to easily integrate into timekeeping and billing systems to support a variety of pre-bill, post-bill, budgeting, pricing, and predictive analytics use cases. By providing a unified interface to common formats and records like LEDES and tools to simplify working with common data elements like Uniform Task Based Management System (UTBMS) phase, task, and activity codes.


Status: Early Access Preview

Kelvin Time and Billing is currently available through an Early Access Release program. Current and future functionality is summarized in the table below:

Aderant⚙️ In Progress
Legal Tracker⚙️ In Progress
LEDES/Spreadsheets⚙️ In Progress