Kelvin Legal Data OS

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What is the Kelvin Legal Data OS?

Kelvin is a unified legal data stack, AI and integration included.

Use this site to learn more how Kelvin can help accelerate common data science tasks and AI-enabled application development.

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Why use Kelvin?

Legal Data Stack

While there are many "data stacks" today, none have been designed around the needs of the legal industry. Kelvin can be your entire data stack or simply fill in the gaps you have today.

Plug-and-Play "Drivers"

Just like a real operating system, you expect plug-and-play support for common inputs and outputs. We support a wide range of common systems like iManage, Aderant, TeamConnect, or Dropbox.

Run Anywhere

Kelvin runs anywhere your controls allow: on your own physical server or private cloud, on a developer's laptop, or in any public cloud environment thanks to Docker and Kubernetes.

Library or API

Kelvin can be used either as an API or through easy-to-use, high-performance Python libraries. All APIs are based on modern best-practices and ship with OpenAPI specs to support over 40 different languages.

AI Batteries Included

Kelvin is designed to make NLP, ML, and AI projects easy. Integration with popular libraries and APIs like transformers and OpenAI makes it easy to access state-of-the-art models, and Kelvin Legal DataPacks provide clean, commercial data for training models.

Secure & Compliant

Security and compliance are first-class concerns in Kelvin, allowing you to build without worrying about copyleft licenses or the next InfoSec port scan. We even provide SBOMs and VEX metadata for all customers.